Welcome to our ever-expanding library of technical tools. We created these tools to help engineers find the data they need to select the best component option for their specific application.

Capacitor Cross Reference Tool (BETA)

Enter a SMD ceramic capacitor part number in the box below (for multiple parts, enter one per line). We'll cross it to a Venkel equivalent, if available.

Replace Aluminum Electrolytics with MLCCs Tool

Select the characteristics of your electrolytic capacitor to find the recommended MLCC replacement.

Capacitance Conversion Calculator

This calculator converts capacitance value between units pF, nF, µF and F.

Inductance Conversion Calculator

The inductance conversion calculator will help you convert the measurement of inductance between units of differing scale.

Ohm's Law Conversion Calculator

Use our Ohm’s Law calculator to calculate the relationships between current, voltage, resistance, and power in simple resistive circuits.

LED Series Resistor Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the resistance required to drive one or more series-connected LEDs from a voltage source at a specified current level

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Calculator

his tool calculates equivalent temperature values across several commonly used temperature scales.


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